These are made available for those who are seeking truth.

Daniel 8:14 A contextual study by Dale Ratzlaff of the text which is “the central pillar of Adventism.”

Without the Central Pillar, “There is no reason for us to exist…We are simply wrong” In this study Dale Ratzlaff summarizes the Adventist historic teaching of 1844, the investigative judgment, and the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary. You will be amazed at some of the statements Ellen G. White, who the Adventist church still says, “speaks with prophetic authority” made on these subjects!

Righteousness beyond the Law
by Dale Ratzlaff. Many people upon hearing that the Old Covenant is no longer binding on Christians seem to be at a loss to find a moral campus. This article will help

Principles of New Testament Giving. Dale Ratzlaff

“Shut Door of Mercy”–New Discoveries, Dale Ratzlaff
This article is taken from Chapter 7 of Cultic Doctrine but includes four additional pages of newly discovered statements from Ellen White showing that she had several “visions from God” showing beyond the shadow of a doubt that she taught the shut door of mercy until nearly 1851 even though the church has tried either to deny it or cover it up. Well, here it is for all to see and draw their own conclusion.

The Sanctuary Doctrine—Asset or Liability? The late Dr. Raymond Cottrell spent more time studying Daniel 8:14, the Investigative Judgment and 1844 than any other person. Here is the last paper he wrote on the subject before his death.

1919 Bible Conference This is perhaps the most shocking of all Adventist documents because it proves that top SDA leaders knew that Ellen White was a fraud no later than 1919. They discussed whether to cover-up the fact that she was a fraud, or to tell the Church the truth about her at that time. One by one, almost every participant in that highly secret meeting declares his or her conviction that her claims of direct, divine inspiration are fraudulent.  They discuss her extensive plagiarism, and they specifically discuss how they will keep the truth about Ellen White from the theology students at the seminary if they choose to continue the cover-up. The series of meetings ended without any decision on their part, so the cover-up continued as it has for decades until this very day.  Shocking reading for any Seventh-day Adventist!  Flabbergasting reading for any Evangelical Christian who will be dumbfounded by the twisted thinking of so-called Christians who could conclude that they could lie for God because the Church organization was more important that truth itself!

Daniel Hankor, (Ph.D.) Bible Translator Consultant, January 14, Addia Abeba, Ethiopia. Here is a 9 page article Dr. Hankor wrote that is helping the 12,000 Adventist members who have left 87 SDA churches in Ethiopia. It is entitled, “Investigating some of the Seventh-day Adventist Teachings in the Light of the Gospel”

Tim Ward, The Authors’ verses the Testimonies: a Search for Truth.

No Sabbath in Genesis

Doctors Bacchoicchi, MacCarty & Dupreez Wreak Havoc

Lying for God

Dirk Anderson has done some interesting research on Ellen G. White and mercury poisoning. Could this explain the enigma of this controversial founder of Adventism?

Ellen White’s “I was shown” statements were often, it not usually, copied from others.”

The Bible verses the Testimonies of Ellen G. White, by Tim Ward. As a long-time Adventist, Tim Ward sets out to prove that the writings of Ellen White agree with the Bible. His study is insightful.

The Sabbath & the Appointed Times of the LORD by Wes Ringer. This is a thorough Review of Judging the Sabbath by Ron du Preez. This is a must read for anyone wanting to know what “Sabbath” is in view in Colossians 2:16.

Index to all the Gospel and other articles in Proclamation! to 2007. This is very useful if you are looking for information on some topic. There is a wealth of information here for the transitioning or inquiring Adventist. Scroll down until you find what you are looking for.

The Shut-door and the Sanctuary: Historical and Theological Problem, by Wes Ringer. Adventists would like to forget that Ellen White taught a shut-door of mercy. However, for those willing to look at the evidence, the conclusion is clear.

Does the Blood of the OT Sacrifice, Cleanse, Defile or Transport Sin? by Tim Ward. This is a critical question for Adventists. If blood does not defile or transport sin, then the whole scheme of Adventism’s sanctuary theology falls. Truth can stand the test of investigation; why not read this and make up your own mind.

The following articles were assembled by Kerry Wynne. He has received permission to post them on the web and has given us permission to do the same. There is a wealth of information in these 16 articles/books. They are PDF files and you will need Adobe Reader to access them. Feel free to pass them on to others. We are listing Mr. Wynne’s index and introduction to the CD which these articles are on. The CD is also available.

Did Adventists deceive Walter Martin?–You decide!

Martin/Barnhouse Authentication of Adventists as Evangelicals
By Ralph Weitz

Conscience, is it a Safe Guide?
by Dale Ratzlaff

The Role of Conscience in Christian Freedom
by Dale Ratzlaff

Response to The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment
by Eduardo Martínez-Rancaño. Here is an in-depth response to the resent Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. He sent this study to Clifford Goldstein, the author, but Mr. Goldstein has not responded. Therefore, Eduardo asked us to post his article on the web. Truth seekers will want to read this!

Crisis in Freedom
This was the last message Dale Ratzlaff gave as an Adventist Pastor, yet it is still relevant today.

Adventist’s “Special Resurrection” Fact or fiction?

The Early Adventist Shut Door of Salvation
By Wes Ringer. Please read his letter of introduction to this study before you read the study itself.

SDAs Corrupt Clear Word Bible
By Verle Streifling, PhD

Beware of this Cult By Gregory G. P. Hunt, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.C.P.

Dr Hunt reveals some of the weird teachings on heath promoted by Ellen White and others of her day.

Cast Out for the Cross of Christ
By Albion F. Ballenger

1919 Bible Conference

Will the Real Jesus Stand Up, Find out the checkered teachings of Ellen White and the SDA church on who Jesus is.
By Verle Streifling, Ph.D.