Download free hard-to-fine out-of-print books

Dr. Des Ford’s 1844, Day of Atonement Book

This is the classic work by Des Ford. It sparked a huge exodus from the Adventist church and continues to be a valuable reference for those willing to study. This book is out of print but is now available as a free pdf file. This is a large book of some 783 pages so make sure you have plenty of paper in your printer. The original manuscript that many of us read had over 1,000 pages.

Walter Ray, The White Lie

This out of print book may be downloaded a chapter at a time. It documents the extensive plagiarism of Ellen G. White. This with too, was one of the books that caused many Adventist pastors and members to reevaluate the authority of the writings of Ellen White.

Walter Rea, PIRATES OF PRIVILEGE Walter Rea was ostensibly fired from the Adventist Church by exposing the colossal extent of Ellen White’s plagiarism as outlined in his 1982 book, The White Lie. However, his extensive inside knowledge of Church corruption in regard to the Davenport Scandal would have cooked his goose, so to speak, in and of itself.  Davenport was an SDA physician and real estate developer who ran a Ponzi scandal which bilked the Adventist Church and some of its individual privileged few of mega millions of dollars.  On top of the knowledge he had of the scandal from sitting on high level Church financial committees, Davenport’s wife brought he and her husband’s divorce decree to Rea because he was, at that time, the pastor, of the Seventh-day Adventist Church she attended.  Rea noticed a huge list of Church entities and individuals to whom Davenport owed large sums of money.  At the same time his inside knowledge of the Church’s financial dealings with Davenport told him that Davenport had failed to disclose a huge amount of other financial assets, as well as some liabilities, in the decree.  After Dr. Rea’s firing, the Church took away his retirement benefits–a big blow to a pastor who was nearing 60 years of age at the time.  Dr. Rea successfully sued the Seventh-day Adventist Church to regain those retirement benefits, but in order to accomplish this he had to agree not to publish his newly written book about the Church’s involvement in the Davenport Scandal.  Thus, in a very real sense, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been paying “hush money” to Rea ever since. That was so long ago now that the statute of limitations has expired, and Dr. Rea is now able to publish this book.  Reading Pirates of Privilege will show you Adventist leaders acting as if they did not believe there was a Hell to shun or a Heaven to win, much less that they believed in the unique doctrines of Adventism, such as the Sabbath, Ellen White, and the Investigative Judgment!


D. M. Canright – Canright left Adventism after working closely with the Whites for many years and observing her plagiarism, failed visions, and deceptions. This book proves from history and Early Church history that it is impossible that sun worship or the influence of the Roman Catholic Church had anything to do with Christians abandoning Sabbath-keeping to the point of over-kill. He conclusively demonstrates that Gentile Christians probably never kept the Sabbath.


by D. M. Canright – Canright discovered Ellen White was a fraud by working shoulder-to-shoulder with her and her husband, James White, for many years prior to his apostasy in 1887. By then he had thoroughly researched the problems with Sabbatarianism and was armed with a mountain of evidence to prove its impossibility. Anticipating a soon-coming anti-Sabbatarian, anti-Adventist book by Canright, the Church published its own book in 1888 in an effort to “cut him off at the pass.” Jumping the gun was a big mistake. In 1889 Canright published the first edition of this book, refuting the Adventist arguments and referencing his comments to the content of the Adventist book by page number! Canright discusses Ellen White’s plagiarism, failed visions, cover-up of her Doctrine of the Shut Door teachings during the earliest part of her “ministry,” demonstrates the fatal-to-Sabbatarian implications of Colossians 2:14-17, and debunks the apostasy theory of Sabbath abandonment dreamed up by Ellen White. Canright revised and enlarged this book over several editions. The version presented here in the final, 1914 edition.

D.M. Canright LIFE OF MRS. E. G. WHITE

Canright deals with the absurdity of Ellen White’s claims of direct, divine inspiration and demonstrates how she used the Church and how the Church used her to achieve their respective and sometimes contradictory agendas. Since the book is focused on Ellen White, rather than other problems with Adventism, his treatment of her plagiarism, failed prophecies, the Shut Door issue, and other specific problems with her prophetic claims are comprehensive and well-documented. It is incredible that Adventist leaders continued to deny such problems as her plagiarism up until the 1980’s in view of the fact that Canright documented the problem so meticulously in this book. It is likely to be a difficult “read” for any Seventh-day Adventist, as it nailed Adventist leaders “to the wall” when it comes to proving beyond any doubt that they knew she was a fraud, yet went to amazing lengths to cover for her. If you would like to have this book in paperback instead of a pdf file, you can find it by clicking “books” in this website.

Albion F. Ballenger, Cast Out for the Cross of Christ
In the early 1900s Ballenger was a leading Adventist pastor. After much study he came to realize that the 1844 Sanctuary doctrine was in error. He prepared a number of papers showing the biblical reasons for his conclusions. He presented these to the General Conference in 1905. His biblical studies were rejected. Ellen White castigated him with extreme statements claiming Satan was influencing him and people should have nothing to do with his biblical studies. Read the paragraph in the link above and you will be amazed at her blistering words toward a man seeking biblical truth.

Clara Endicott Sears:  Days of Delusion – A Strange Bit of History 1924. This is a fascinating book documenting the Miller Movement. All Adventists should read this to get a bit of history not commonly taught in SDA circles today.